About Us

A Tinkerer is someone who also enjoys experimenting.

We, at Tinkerers’ Laboratory are always open for such people with an aim to grow innovators and thinkers, converting their creative ideas into actual engineering products. For them to do whatever they love to do, let them have limitless hands-on experience and spend hours tinkering without any worries. So if you are turned on by machines and technology, Tinkerers’ Lab is the place to be.

Tinkerers’ Lab aims to provide hands on experience to help students become innovators converting their creative ideas into actual engineering products and start a national trend towards “Making”

Increase student participation in Technical Activities, Improve quality of projects built and Expand the idea of TL to other engineering schools in Mumbai and later in other parts of country.


Our Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Manan Tayal TL Manager
Lovekush Tak TL Manager
Shubham Agarwal Convenor
Swaraj Goyal Convenor
Nakul Randad Convenor
Harshita Agarwal Convenor
Aadesh Madnaik Convenor